‘What the Robot Saw’ in NewMediaFest2020 ‘9 – The 365 Days Diary @ Torrance Art Museum

Jazzed that ‘What the Robot Saw’ is part of Wilfried Agricola De Cologne’s Corona Shut Down? once again: This time at
NewMediaFest2020 ‘9 – The 365 Days Diary
06 September 2020
Los Angeles has become Wilfried’s 2nd home in 2020 its now the 2nd month that TAM – Torrance Art Museum is presenting NewMediaFest2020 – prolonging the online screenings in the framework of MAIDEN LA until 20 September – read the complete article on http://retro.newmediafest.org/6-september-2020/ – after 20 September the 7 programs will continued streaming online on NewMediaFest2020.

New project almost here!

I’ve been coding away this summer, trying to get my new social media video algorithmic curation project ready. Lots of fun with everything from neural net and computer vision-based video classification to algorithmically-based sound and picture editing. It’ll be a live stream, plus available for installations. It’s almost ready for beta, so stay tuned!

On tap for this week… Panel in LA and Performance in San Diego!

Coupla events this coming week! I’ll be speaking on panel at LA SIGGRAPH this Tuesday, Aug 11. The panel is about the “Enhanced Vision” digital video exhibition, for which I had the honor of being part of the curatorial committee. Then on Saturday the 15th, I’ll be back in San Diego performing as VJ Übergeek at San Diego Art Institute in Balboa Park. Also on the menu for the SDAI show: Dynasty Handbag and Gary Wilson… Hope to see you there! And there too!

Girls Day Out

Spoke on a panel at UCSD Women in Computing’s “Girl’s Day Out”
for high school women interested in careers in computing. Lots of fun meeting everyone and finding out the other panelists paths to becoming Women in Computing – almost all a bit complicated! And… Women in Computing gave me this t-shirt!

Girl's Day Out T-shirt