‘What the Robot Saw’ in NewMediaFest2020 ‘9 – The 365 Days Diary @ Torrance Art Museum

Jazzed that ‘What the Robot Saw’ is part of Wilfried Agricola De Cologne’s Corona Shut Down? once again: This time at
NewMediaFest2020 ‘9 – The 365 Days Diary
06 September 2020
Los Angeles has become Wilfried’s 2nd home in 2020 its now the 2nd month that TAM – Torrance Art Museum is presenting NewMediaFest2020 – prolonging the online screenings in the framework of MAIDEN LA until 20 September – read the complete article on http://retro.newmediafest.org/6-september-2020/ – after 20 September the 7 programs will continued streaming online on NewMediaFest2020.