“What the Robot Saw” in XCOAX 2020! Also, I wrote a paper.

Psyched to have What the Robot Saw as part of the xcoax 2020 conference/exhibition July 8th – 10th!
8th Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X

Although originally scheduled for Graz, Austria. this year XCOAX be online.
What the Robot Saw’s page is here. It includes a video presentation by yours truly, and some other goodies.

“xCoAx is an exploration of the intersection where computational tools and media meet art and culture, in the form of a multi-disciplinary enquiry on aesthetics, computation, communication and the elusive X factor that connects them all.
xCoAx has been an occasion for international audiences to meet and exchange ideas, in search for interdisciplinary synergies among computer scientists, artists, media practitioners, and theoreticians at the thresholds between digital arts and culture.”

Also, I’ve written a new paper about the Robot and Algorithmic Bias. It’s an extended version the XCOAX paper, with additional writing on the algorithmic bias issues in the context of visibility within social networks.
The Algorithm is the Message: What the Robot Saw