Mary Hallock-Greenewalt Docs and Photos

Since 2009 I’ve been operating a Facebook page about early 20th century artist/inventor/suffrage activist Mary Hallock-Greenewalt. Born in Beirut, and mainly raised in Philadelphia, Hallock-Greenewalt is mainly known for her work designing and performing color organs — as well as her art of colored light performance, which she called Nourathar.

I recently visited the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, which houses a large collection of Hallock-Greenewalt’s documents and photos. I was able to photograph more than 200 items from the collection — but this only scratches the surface. The items document Hallock-Greenewalt’s work itself, her obsession with defending the primacy of her creations, as well as her dogged determination in transactions such as speccing a custom part from a vendor for her color organ.

I’ve begun posting the images on the Mary Hallock-Greenewalt Facebook page, and will upload the rest in the weeks to come. Stay tuned…