Yes, I’m still working on that machine that re-invents cinema and the world as we know it.

Haven’t posted much as I’ve been hard at work in the mad scientist dungeon for the past several weeks, coding away at PIGS (Percussive Image Gestural System.) It’s taken some trial and error time, but we now have a framework in place, and are working on the more interesting aesthetic and research aspects. In other words, now we get to actually get to see most of the pieces in motion, which lets us focus in more detail on the new ways we want to make live/performative cinema. I’ve posted this update on the PIGS page (Yep, PIGS is still the working title):

November 2014:
Much further along now – much different than the videos below, though it can still do that too!
Multi-generated images are now generated by drawing and swiping as well as drumming, there’s a better range of imagery, and the “theme and variations” structure is in development.

Wojciech Kosma (generative graphics) and Curt Miller (generative and improvisational computer music and clarinet-ary) have joined the project. And Doug Rosman has contributed his video editing wizardy.

Hope to post some new video soon!


For those new to PIGS:
PIGS (Percussive Image Gesture System) is a software/hardware visual instrument that allows for emotive, gestural cinematic performance. PIGS works from the premise that new methods of visual expression can be formed when we think of cinema as fluid and performative, and work beyond traditional cinematic constraints of rectangular images and linear playback. PIGS uses percussion and music as part of its approach to cinematic performance, rather than attempting to directly sound to image. The system allows a performer to combine scribble-like swipes and striking gestures in a “theme and variation” framework to perform a multilayered cinematic composition that drifts between, the literal, the metaphorical and abstract.