New Work! Deep Hysteria. (B-Side: I asked an AI for)

I always feel awkward about self-promotion, but… I made some new work! It’s still image work, which I think is a first for me. Two projects, two sides of generative deep learning.

The A-side (Deep Hysteria) is a major work. It involved (re)training custom Stylegan models, collecting and analyzing data, and various other rather time-consuming processes. It’s online for now, but could also be exhibited as prints. The B-side (I asked an AI for) is a top-ten list, created with off-the-shelf online apps (Dall-E 2, Stable Diffusion, Midjourney.)

The A-Side: Deep Hysteria. Deep Hysteria is a still image series that repurposes algorithmic bias in the service of unraveling a deep human bias.

Side by side deep-learning-generated images of male and female versions of a young adult. Male caption: Calm-Looking Male, 20–28. Female caption: Confused-Looking Female, 23–31.

Complete info on Deep Hysteria is here.
. (Paper coming soon, too.)

And the B-Side: I Asked an AI for.

An “AI”-generated image of a bowl of mushy, non-specific vegetables.

Also, some new uploads at last to the Mary Hallock Greenewalt Visibility Project.
Happy Spring!