Live from the new reality — “What the Robot Saw” had to move

Hi all, hope you’re doing ok in this batshit crazy time…

Not the most important thing on the plate right now, but it’s been a strange time for “What the Robot Saw” too. I’d always thought the 24/7 YouTube archives would be some kind of strange time capsule of a slice of the world on the internet. I hadn’t anticipated that it would become a time capsule of a world moving *into* the internet. But as our collective Elvis left the building, so, naturally, did YouTube’s employees. That’s of course a good health move right now. But interestingly, they left a robot in charge of policing YouTube. Apparently their robot doesn’t like my robot — it started removing all ‘What the Robot Saw’s’ new streams from YouTube, labeling them as Community Violations. (You can’t make this stuff up folks; AI’s finally *are* taking over, and they’ve got their own robo-hegemony… )

Robowars aside, it seems to me like this is a moment when “What the Robot Saw” can be an interesting participant, as it watches so many of us move into YouTube. So I’m trying to keep it going by moving to Facebook Live. I haven’t worked out the tech at all yet to get it run continuously, create the archives, etc. So for now it’ll just run as much as I can keep it running manually.

The streams for now are at:
And as always, has the latest, as well as links to all the video archives through March 17th.

Stay safe, all…