Performing Code Live @ UC San Diego Featuring Shelly Knotts

I’m pleased as pizza to have curated this spring’s “Performing Code” exhibition featuring Shelly Knotts at gallery@calit2.
Now I’m especially ecstatic to be hosting the closing event, “Performing Code Live:”
Please join us Thursday June 7th for “Performing Code Live” at Calit2 Auditorium.
“Performing Code Live” is the closing event for the “Performing Code” gallery exhibition.

Shelly will be here live for this event. There’ll be a panel discussion on a hopefully enticing slew of topics encompassing collaborative improvisation, social hierarchies, networked collaboration as cyberfeminism, coding as performance, laptop ensembles and liveness.

Then we’ll have a live coding performance by ALGOBABEZ!

It’s free, and there’s a reception afterwards!

Performing Code Live
Featuring Shelly Knotts
Curated by Amy Alexander
Thursday, June 7, 2018
Time: 7pm-9pm

7:00 Intro from Amy Alexander and Presentation from Shelly Knotts
7:20 Calit2 Auditorium Panel with Amy Alexander, David Borgo, Shelly Knotts, Curt Miller, Suzanne Thorpe, Michael Trigilio, Pinar Yoldas and Q&A
7:40 ALGOBABEZ Performance
8:10 Reception

ALGOBABEZ: Joanne Armitage and Shelly Knotts

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