Amy Alexander / Curt Miller Short Bios

Amy Alexander is a digital media, audiovisual and performance artist who has also worked in film, video, music, tactical media and information technology. She has been making films since 1990 and creating art through programming since 1994. Much of Alexander’s work is performance-­based, often working at intersections of cinema, performing arts, humor, politics, and popular culture. Her current research and practice focuses on expanded approaches to the moving image that reflect contemporary cultural and technological shifts. Alexander’s projects have been presented internationally on the Internet, in clubs and on the street as well as in festivals and museums. She has written and lectured on software art, software as culture, and audiovisual performance, and she has served as a reviewer for festivals and commissions for digital media art, video, and computer music. She is an Associate Professor of Visual Arts at the University of California, San Diego.

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Curt D. Miller is a clarinetist and sound artist whose performances and installations repurpose and recontextualize electronic, recorded and spiritual performances through transcription, both digitally and by ear. As a clarinetist, Curt collaborates frequently with composers, performing in numerous premieres and internationally at venues such as the Fromm Players series, Monday Evening Concerts, Miller Theater and the Lucerne Festival Academy. As a member of the trio ensemble et cetera he has begun to expand the repertoire for clarinet, double bass and percussion through commissions, transcriptions and realizations of graphic scores. Curt also frequently collaborates with visual artist Nichole Speciale on installations which extend drawing and painting through sound and video. He completed his Doctorate of Musical Performance at UC San Diego in 2015.

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