Two new texts now online!

Two texts I’ve written recently are now online:

My conference paper from the Second Summit on New Media Archiving @ ISEA 22 is now online where you can grab it:

“Always Only Once:” The paradox of preserving performative digital works

And “X, the Ever-Evolving Talking Head, Going Pro, and the Post-Pandemic Self,” a chapter I wrote for The Book of X — the 10th anniversary book published by the folks at the xCoAx conference.

They’re on very different topics, but with some things in common. In the first, I relate various historical artistic gestures to the way we think about preserving contemporary performative and process based digital media – especially for less visible artists and practices – for the future. In the second, I look at the changing of the “self” – on and off of cinematic social media – during and after the pandemic. Both of the texts look at dynamic processes: from gestures of performance and self-archiving to the performative flow of Zoom chats alongside the talking head selves with which we’re increasingly identified. Both texts deal with expanded cinema – past and present — and they both look to the future. It was interesting working on both of these in close proximity timewise — hope they’re as interesting to read.

Happy July!