New PIGS film: “June 8th – take 2”

[For those coming here anew: Here’s what PIGS is, and an intro to the AlgoCurator who selected the clips for “June 8th.” ]

I’d already posted the full length studio rehearsal / improvised audiovisual animation, “June 8th, 2018,” that Curt Miller and I recorded last month. Came across the second run-through from that day — same set of clips, but we did two improvisations. Rather like how this one flows as a film — slower paced, and you hear and see more of the people — so I’ve posted it too:

June 8th: Take 2 (full, uncut real-time animation) from Amy Alexander on Vimeo.

Also on YouTube … (be sure to set your YouTube setting for 1080p60fps.) Definitely better experienced with good monitor and speakers than on a laptop (or *gasp* — a phone!)