Introducing PIGS – for gestural / visual performance

Update: 10/15: After that early experiment, PIGS was rewritten to better incorporate live action video and to be more efficient for real-time performance. It’s a project under ongoing development. It’s webpage is here.

Here’s PIGS’s debut performance in “Rocket’s Red Glare: Things Exploding on YouTube,” an audiovisual improvisation with clarinetist/sound artist Curt Miller.

Very first experiments with PIGS (Percussive Image Gestural System), a new framework for visual performance based on percussion gestures (but not sounds) – and non-rectilinear forms. I grew up performing music, and still play drums now and then. In doing visual performances, I’ve found myself instinctively performing it as though I were playing a visual percussion instrument. Although I tend to approach sound/visual pairings with skepticism, in this case, we’re not really using sound, just borrowing from a particular sound-based practice.

Anyway, here’s a very first video. The system is very rough – content and processing are in a very basic stage, and there’s lots of latency right now. The percussion audio is just there for illustrative purposes – PIGS is intended to produce visuals only. You can read more about PIGS on the YouTube page:

Part of my artist-in-residence research at iotaCenter.