Current Work

Amy is an Associate Professor of Visual Arts at University of California San Diego. HShe writes software; repurposes hardware; performs live visuals; makes installations; speaks; writes; eats and breathes. Her artistic practice engages media as material. Her current research and practice focuses on changing definitions of moving images in the YouTube era.

Current projects: Computer vision for time-based analysis, curation and production of videos. Development of an endless real-time movie created by an angst-ridden robot.

Recent big project: PIGS: Percussive Image Gestural System

Things Amy’s been teaching lately:
Contemporary expanded cinema; Visual performance history and practice; abstract cinema history; history and practice of process-based/programming-based digital media art.

Amy also continues to occasionally perform CyberSpaceLand (2003 – present). She enjoys awkwardly and obliquely addressing gender politics whenever possible and in her leisure time tries to play drums better than that.