New Mary Hallock Greenewalt documents and postings

I’ve made some new additions to the Mary Hallock Greenewalt Visibility Project.
If you’d like more details, I’m posting about them on the Mary Hallock Greenewalt Facebook Page.

The most recent batch of uploads from the Historical Society of Pennsylvania includes a number of documents on Mary’s political involvements
(related to women’s suffrage, the Equal Rights Amendment, and other topics), as well as a number of texts of and notes from lectures she gave — mainly to the Illuminating Engineers Society of Philadelphia in the early 1920’s. The lecture texts are illuminating (pun intended) because she discusses her involvements in developing rheostats. (Mary did not “invent the rheostat,” but she did develop a specific type of rheostat that could be used for dimming lights in equal increments — important for her expressive color organ work.)

You can search the index of the Visibility Project images for tags like “rheostat” and “lecture” to find full lecture texts with more details.

Lecture Notes, March 1922.

PIGS at NIME in Brisbane!

The amazing Curt Miller and I will be heading for Brisbane in early July to perform at NIME 2016 (New Interfaces for Musical Expression.) Despite my terrible photos, it’s PIGS (Percussive Image Gestural System) 2.0! Curt will be performing his amazing Talk Box Clarinet (TBC), and I’ll be performing real-time visuals with my Not-Quite-Silent Video Drumset Featuring Drink Coasters and Hand Waving. (NQSVDFDCHW.) OMG!

UCSD Design Lab Talk! (And miscellaneous updates on the postdiluvian studio )

It’s been a busy five months since the studio flooded! But in between inventories, insurance, multiple moves, and starting to rebuild, I’ve been teaching and getting a bit of other work done. If the travel funding wizards smile upon me, hope to have some performance news soon.

But this week’s big news: I’ll be speaking at UCSD Design Lab this Wednesday, April 13th. My talk is titled:
“The Future is Dead. Long Live the Future: A Mad Art Journey Through Some Unmovieish Movie-Making Machines.” (I’m in training for the talk title length world’s record.)

Flood report…

In early November, a water main break destroyed my studio. Among the lost equipment were all of my servers, which hosted most of my net projects: The Multi-Cultural Recycler,, Cuejack, theBot, and several others. Some, like The Multi-Cultural Recycler, can not be restored, because they required specific software and hardware that’s no longer available. I am gradually restoring others, by moving them to temporary servers until I can replace the main server. Most things are documented here at, but many of the linked projects will be offline while the server is down…

Update: 12/20/15 – And we’re back! All the sites that can be restored have been fluffed up and moved to the cloud.

Site-specific “PIGS” performance this Saturday in San Diego!

Curt Miller and I will be performing on Saturday in San Diego. It’s an audiovisual improvisation: site-specific video, my custom PIGS software, silent percussion generating visuals.. and Curt’s amazing clarinet and computer music! I hope you’ll join us! 7pm in the Auditorium! Exclamation Points!