D’oh! I’ve forgotten to post!

Eep! Got a little wrapped up and just plum forgot to post. Still plugging away at the visual performance instrument/framework sometimes known as PIGS (Percussive Image Gestural System). It’s happily transformed quite a bit since the early iterations, so performance is better we can do some more complex/subtle things. It’s mainly all using OpenGL now (still in Jitter, taking advantage of Hap codec), and my SVEN collaborator Wojciech Kosma has been chipping in some of his Gl expertise so we can do more things with gestural and content movement than with sound – which is really the idea behind the project.

Hope to post some new video soon so you can see what I’m blabbing about.

VJ Übergeek returns!

I’ll be performing CyberSpaceLand tomorrow night in San Diego at “Am I Drawing Now?” hosted by the UCSD Experimental Drawing Studio. The VJ Übergeek Textperience returns, performing the Inimitable Internet with some colorful new twists. Music by DJ 2005!

JUNE 6, 2013
Show starts at 8pm…. the party and music continues after the show.
Map and more details on the Facebook event page.

“Violent Movies Unraveled” proto-show video posted

Here’s video documentation of the “Violent Movies Unraveled” “public window” show I did in December at iotaCenter. In this prototype performance, two violent movies – Psycho and Scarface – are “unraveled” onto separate screens so that the attackers face the attackees. The screens in this case are adjacent apartment windows. Although sound wasn’t used in the proto-show, I’ve included split-screen composites below that show the source videos with sound.

Since the beginning of film history, cinema has compressed physical space onto a single plane – the movie screen. This means, we never really see characters face to face – no matter what they’re doing to one another. “Violent Movies Unraveled” re-edits famous movie scenes for two screens so that attackers face their attackees.

Split-screen composites of the source videos with sound:

“Scarface Unraveled” – split screen composite

“Psycho Unraveled” – split screen composite