PIGS and the AlgoCurator

PIGS news! Finally implemented something I’ve been thinking about for awhile…

As of April 2018, PIGS compositions can be created using a pseudo-artificial intelligence. A “curator” algorithm analyzes newly uploaded YouTube videos for specified characteristics. Loosely provoked by the question: “What if an algorithm attempted to convert YouTube into Stan VanDerBeek’s utopian vision of a networked ‘culture intercom,'” the algo-curator currently works against YouTube’s algorithms, which encourage posters to upload content intended for commercialization, in the fervent hope of finding “real life.”

I hope to expand the algo-curator and use it for some other projects. I’ll explain a bit more about the initial implementation of the algo-curator another time. But for now… it’s a start!

Shelly Knotts: Performing Code / Gallery @ Calit2

Über-excited to be curating “Performing Code” an exhibition / performances by Shelly Knotts (featuring appearances by ALGOBABEZ and OFFAL) this Spring at Gallery@Calit2. The fun starts Thursday, April 5th with “Performing Code Stream,” a live coding and OFFAL performance stream from Melbourne, Australia. The performance is at 5 p.m. followed by a reception at 6 p.m. In June, Shelly will be live in San Diego for another performance and a panel discussion.

Here’s a Facebook event with a map and details.. Or for the non-Facebook crowd, a Google Map.

A performance of ALGOBABEZ, with Shelly Knotts and Joanne Armitage.

New Uploads to the Mary Hallock Greenewalt Visibility Project

Just posted lots of new images to the Mary Hallock Greenewalt Visibility Project from my latest dig into the amazing Mary Hallock Greenewalt archive at Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Lots of interesting things this time, including Mary’s proposed nomenclature for light color play scoring, her patent dispute with Thomas Wilfred, her research on earlier color organs and rheostats, and more. So I’ll break things down into a few different posts on the Mary Hallock Greenewalt Facebook page. As always, you can find everything in the Visibility Project indexed by tag.

Or peek at all the new uploads together here and here.

Meanwhile, for starters..


Video from Broad show and other news…

I’ve been especially sporadic about posting lately, but busy, I promise! Here’s video of the performance I did with Arshia Haq at the Broad Museum in August. I performed using my PIGS video drums system — this time working with YouTube videos from South Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East to improvise visuals with Arshia’s musical narrative.

Postcards from the Disorient: Amy Alexander & Arshia Haq from Amy Alexander on Vimeo.

More PIGS-related activity brewing for the not-too-distant future. Meanwhile, I’m busy at UCSD teaching a graduate seminar in expanded cinema, an undergrad senior projects seminar, serving as ICAM / Speculative Design area head, and on the gallery committee for Gallery @ Calit2.

More soon!

Collaboration with Arshia Haq at Montalvo Arts Center July 21

Jazzed to be collaborating with Arshia Fatima Haq​ for the “Now Hear This” show at Montalvo Arts Center on July 21st. Unfortunately I can’t be there in person, but I’ve recorded some custom PIGS visuals for Arshia’s performance.

Wish I could be there in person, as this should be a really cool event! But fortunately I’ll be performing live with Arshia at the “Summer Happenings at the Broad” event at the Broad in LA in August.